Preventing Homelessness


According to statistics, there are more than 90 million homeless people in the world. Depending on how a society defines homelessness, we may not be able to get the correct statistics of homeless people around the world although homelessness is defined by United nation as a situation where one has no adequate living space.

The most common causes of homelessness are Job loss, debts, death, poor health condition and conflicts within the family although poor housing projects and low income may also play a role especially among the elderly, the socially disadvantaged and those who are just coming out of jail.

  • After a job loss, many homeowners lose their homes due to their inability to continue paying a mortgage. Failure to keep up with mortgage leads to the foreclosure of homes.
  • Debts can cause a homeowner to declare bankruptcy leading to loss of property which may include the debtors home
  • Conflicts within the family such as divorce most often lead to one of the partners becoming homeless.

Death and Disease may force some to become homeless because the death or poor health condition of the homeowner may cause him to fall into debt, job loss or conflict within the home all of which may cause the homeowner to lose his home.

Homeless people constantly face abuse and are exposed to danger as they sleep in the open at night. Poor hygiene and feeding also affect their health which in turn drastically reduces their quality of life.

To combat homelessness, the community at large play a very important role in keeping track of residents, assisting members who may face problems that commonly lead to homelessness before it happens and to teach its members the importance of saving for rainy days. No one should be homeless in this day and age, we can all come together to help and support those who are at risk of losing their homes.